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Customized Wallpaper

Sachdeva Home Decorator has a huge collection of present-day wallpaper from floral prints, geometric prints, texturized backdrop and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! We additionally do custom wallpapers!

Following quite a long while of being kept away from, the Customized wallpaper is again for a home stylistic theme that is contemporary, here and there intriguing, and in some cases pop. You can discover the customized wallpaper in numerous designs and differed quality, there are even numerous brands of architect wallpaper.

Your living and workspaces are the physical embodiment of all your hopes, dreams and emotions. You spend time in these spaces creating, working and living life to the fullest! It is no surprise then, that you wish them to be the most comfortable and beautiful looking places. We at print a customized wallpaper can help you decorate your new space or refurbish it with our range of custom wallpaper.

Choose from Rooms:

First, let’s look at the room where you will be using the wallpaper, some characteristics might have more importance than others.

Living rooms and bedrooms do not present any particular problems and any type of wallpaper is acceptable. Whether the paper you choose is vinyl coated, or fabric flocked, any motif or pattern or quality is appropriate as long as it fits your aesthetic appeal. This is only a matter of personal preference.

Bathrooms and kitchens are frequently exposed to humid conditions, even grime deposits, you should prefer a paper that will be easy to care for. Washable wallpapers are perfect for these difficult areas as they can be washed without deteriorating your decor.

In hallways and stairways, it is important to have a very durable wallpaper that is also washable.

Choose from Colors:

  • You can also choose by color. You can never forget what else is or will be in the room when choosing a color. You either choose a contrasting color or you harmonize it.
  • For a more delicate look, you might select blends or different shades of the same color.
  • A relaxing atmosphere can be obtained by using different tones in the same color group.
  • For a totally pop look, contrasting colors and opposition of darks and lights will be more effective.
  • Remember that colors will affect the perception of space and volume. You should use it to your advantage.
  • Small patterns and light colors will give the impression of a larger room. While dark colors make it look smaller and more intimate.

Choose from Quality:

Quality is another important factor when selecting a wallpaper. Today’s washable wallpapers are coated with a thin layer of PVC and are very durable. They are easy to clean with a damp sponge.

You can find a textured wallpaper that has the texture of wood or brick and many others. There are also flocked wallpapers for people who like the softer texture of velours.

The newest fad is metallic papers. They are very popular with the tech generation, although most are fairly expensive are they are found in designer wallpaper collections.

You must also consider how many rolls you will need. This will depend on the size of the area to be wallpapered and on the motif you choose. Generally, you should measure the area then add 20% to 25% to cover cuts and scrapes. It is better to buy a little more than to run out in the middle of a project.